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Vacuum presses Master Profi


  • The dimensions of the working surface of the table 1 : 2500х1250/2750х1250
  • The dimensions of the working surface of the table 2 : 1250х1250 *
  • The dimensions of the working surface of the table 3 : 2500х1250/2750х1250
  • Drape the table (for the manufacture of curved facades) : 1450х1250 (the size of the movable part of the table 900х1150, max workpiece height including the substrate 240 mm) linkage PNEUMAX (supplied only together with programmable control block DELTA)*
  • The system of preparation of compressed air
  • Working pressure of pneumatic system 6 bar
  • Total power: 21.9 kW/24,3 kW
  • Type of heating: quartz lamp 36/38 x 600W
  • Total heating power: 20,4 kW/22,8 kW
  • Vacuum station: Busch R5, capacity 63 m3 /h
  • Power consumption of vacuum station: 1.5 kW/h
  • Manual/automatic pressing cycle
  • Pressing time of 1.5-3 min.
  • Panoramic tinted viewing window
  • A programmable control unit DELTA with 7” touchscreen display *
  • Contactless temperature measurement
  • Blocks of the power control of the heating elements FATEK
  • Monitoring the status of mains supply
  • Dividing the frame along the length of the table *
  • Stand for film on two rolls *
  • High-precision guides of the heating table: D20мм stainless.steel
  • The system automatically move the heating table INNOVARI with frequency Converter DELTA 
  • Pneumatic clamping frame clamps CLAMPTEK-2 PCs., working pressure 6 bar *
  • The solenoid valves on the automatic line *
  • Cleaning system film *
  • Vacuum receiver volume 200 l *
  • Aluminum vacuum tub: plate thickness of 8mm (10 years warranty)
  • Adjustable frame locks clamp CLAMPTEK
  • Bent-welded construction with a load-bearing frame, powder-coated
  • Dimensions (LxHxW):5,7/6,2x1,84х1,45
  • *- equipped with optional


  • The design of the heating of the carriage consists of two independent, external and internal; thanks to this unique on the Russian market technology loss of heat in the internal part of the structure and deformation of the external frame by heating is almost completely excluded. For the pressing process can also be observed through the panoramic glass.
  • Infrared rays are distributed more effectively and evenly due to the cellular structure of the reflector;
  • The power regulator provides a smooth switching on and off of quartz termoizoljatsii and safeguard them from surges and prolonging life;
  • Membrane vacuum press from the manufacturer equipped with a MASTER controller DELTA PLC with color touch-screen monitor. The equipment can be set different temperature and time modes, set the cycles of the control or use of membrane - vacuum press press in the automatic mode;
  • Vacuum baths used in each model membrane vacuum press is made from a single 8 mm sheet of aluminum with TIG welding. The warranty on the Desk is 10 years, the lifetime of the table is not limited;
  • The supporting structure of the membrane - vacuum presses are durable and ergonomic, it is made from original roll-formed sheet elements and is covered with high quality powder paints. The equipment has an attractive European design that is not unimportant in the organization of a new production hall, which will further leave a good impression on future clients or investors;
  • Power, position, and number of heaters in membrane vacuum press from the manufacturer the MASTER is thought to use all kinds of existing PVC films;
  • Are absent in the construction of vacuum receivers through the use of the system stepless compression;
  • Membrane vacuum press can be additionally equipped with a table for the manufacture and coating of curved facades, rotor clamps lifting frame, and automatic drive carriage heating, the device pre-cleaning film and other options.

Buying Membrane vacuum press from the manufacturer the MASTER, You can be assured of high quality and durability.

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