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Vacuum presses Master Compact plus


Characteristics of the press:
  • Dimensions 2000х2700х1300мм.
  • The mass of the equipment 0.9 t
  • Pressone pressure of 0.95 kg/cm
  • Dimensions of table working surface:2500h1250mm
  • The dimensions of the working surface of the draped table: 1900х940мм/1150х900мм
  • Thermo module vertical lift "Balancing mechanism"
  • Total power: 21.9 kW
  • Type of heating: quartz lamp 36 PCs. for 600 watts.
  • Total heating power: 20,4 kW.
  • Vacuum station: Busch R5 KB 0040D (Germany), rotary vane type
  • Performance vacuum station 40m3
  • Power consumption of vacuum station: 1.5 kW/h.
  • Manual/Automatic pressing cycle.
  • Pressing time of 1.5-3 min.
  • Unit to adjust the power of heating elements Sipin.
  • The temperature regulation unit Delta.
  • Monitoring of the mains.
  • Drape the table (for the manufacture of curved facades) : 2500х1250(the size of the movable part of the table 1900х940мм/1150х900мм, the recommended height of the workpiece including the substrate 240 mm) linkage PNEUMAX (supplied only together with programmable control block DELTA)
  • The system of preparation of compressed air
  • Working pressure of pneumatic system 6 bar


The membrane - vacuum press of Master Compact Plus is intended for a covering by PVC films the bent-glued and straight facades. The membrane - vacuum press is equipped with the "draping" table (vertically mobile table) for processing the bent-glued of facades, with the increased working surface. It  is possible to use of all useful area of a table 2500 x 1250, at a raising of the draping table.

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