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Vacuum presses Master Composite


  • Size "a" (height) 2500mm
  • Size "b" (depth) 2140mm
  • Size "s" (setting the table)1800mm
  • Dimension "d" (width) 3635mm
  • Desktop size 2760 x 1800mm
  • Weight fully loaded 2550кг
  • Features
  • A vacuum power station 1.5 kW
  • Heating power 40 kW
  • The power consumption of the heaters 15 kW/h
  • The silicone membrane 2mm Pneumatic system is 7 bar
  • Air consumption pneumatic system 50L.min.
  • Vacuum station 63m.cube./h.
  • Maximum temperature of heating of the dome 160 ⁰ C
  • Type of heating elements Infrared quartz lamps 600W x 68шт.
  • Type of control line Automatic PLC controller Delta touch color display 7”
  • Max. pressure 0.95 kg/cm. sq
  • Movable vacuum table


Movable dome heating, equipped with infrared lamps, is a steel structure of an external power frame, covered with decorative panels and steel construction internal frame, covered with reflective panels made of honeycomb aluminium alloy, increasing the amount of angular reflection of infrared radiation from the lamps.

Between frames padded thermal insulation material, which prevents the loss of heat in the process and does the work on the equipment is absolutely safe.

The dome has a viewing window allowing visual monitoring of the pressing process.

To control the heating lamps are power regulators, which is a smooth switching on and off an infrared lamp, thereby the lamp is not subjected to sharp fluctuations and surges, which significantly prolongs their service life and does not affect all external network of the consumer in the form of the voltage drops in the external network.

The dome is mounted on rails and is driven by four pneumatic cylinders Camozzi company, with a stroke of 900mm.

To synchronize the operation of the pneumatic cylinders used chain transmission, which ensures a synchronous movement of the heating the dome up and down.

The system will move the dome's highly reliable and requires no maintenance during its long lifetime. For the safety of personnel, membrane vacuum press system is used for infrared barrier, which prevents the lowering of the dome, at the time when the operator is in the zone of movement of the dome.

Movable desktop with a membrane mounted on this membrane - vacuum press consists of the power of the steel frame, counter top made of aluminum sheet with a thickness of 8mm. with notches for pumping vacuum and pressure frame made of aluminum profile with the installed silicon membrane thickness is 2mm. The table has sturdy wheels, machined from high strength steel alloy. A work table is mounted on rails and is actuated by the press operator without undue effort.

The clamping frame with silicone membrane is driven by pneumatic cylinders Camozzi company that improves the performance of this membrane - vacuum press.

The fixing frame is manufactured using quality locks, which eliminates the probability of leakage of table in the operation of membrane - vacuum press.

The table is equipped with sensors of the company CAMSCO controlling full closure of the locks. A temperature sensor mounted on the surface of the membrane, allows the automated system to fully control the set temperature pressing.

Silicone membrane made in Germany, with a thickness of only 2mm high strength, elasticity and resistance to high temperatures of pressing. The membrane is attached to the presser frame using a silicone harnesses in a groove of a profile frame, which facilitates and accelerates Assembly and disassembly of the membrane, allows you to change the tension of the membranes, without any additional tool.

Membrane - vacuum press Master Composite used German vacuum station company Busch well-established in the market and in our production of vacuum presses the Master for over 10 years! This station is operated fully automatically from the operator's panel.

In the manufacture of its equipment, the Master uses components from European manufacturers such as Pneumax, Cammozi, Schmalz, and others, over the years, proven in the market and in our production.

With extensive experience in the field of production equipment, occupying a prominent position in the market and being a Key member of the Association of Machine-building Industry, we strive to keep pace with advanced technology, to develop your skills in engineering and mastering the processing of polymers
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