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Master PIN


  • Dimensions: 43h43h20mm.
  • articles Frame: Polyamide
  • Magnetic sole: Magnet-vinyl
  • Anti-slip pad: Heat-resistant silicone

"Ping" is made of high-strength, heat-resistant material - polyamide, ideal for work with high pressure and high temperatures. Magnetic sole "Pina" is made of a magnet - vinyl, tightly glued to the ground "Pina" accurately spread "Ping" on the table, preventing its displacement, with further details on the computation "Pinah". Anti-slip pad, made of heat-resistant silicone, prevents sliding parts on "pins" in the process of laying the film on the details.


The universal magnetic pin substrate is intended for a covering of details by PVC films with the end faces.

The equipment allows to increase the labor productivity and the quality of products.

The main advantages of the magnetic pin substrate:

  • the installation of pins on an original substrate in any form of the covered detail
  • the lack of garbage on a table in difference from substrates from a chipboard
  • the ease of the calculation of pins on an original substrate will increase the labor productivity
  • the original design of a pin will prevent the shift of a detail or the pin that will exclude probability of defect
  • the original substrate for installation of pins will protect a table from damage when you cut a detail
  • at the calculation of pins under a detail,  it is possible to lay out on perimeter of the covered detail the remained pins, it will reduce the probability of emergence of the folds on the corners
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