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Master manipulator


  • Dimensions in the initial position (with guard) 2740h2230h1070mm.
  • The height of upright 2780 mm.
  • Equipment Weight: 900 kg.
  • Dimensions of the working surface of pillows max .: 2500x1200 mm.
  • Maximum capacity: max.60 kg.
  • Total power consumption: 4.6 kW
  • Turbine Busch SB0310D
  • Turbine Performance: 315 m3 / h.
  • Turbine power consumption: 4.3 kW / h.
  • Consumption electric power: 0.26 kW / h
  • Manual / Automatic operation
  • automatic unloading cycle time: 1 min.
  • automatic loading cycle time 1 min.05 sec.
  • The ability to move the pillows: Yes
  • The maximum allowable difference of thickness between the parts: max.50 mm.


The manipulator is intended for loading and unloading of details from a desktop of a press and it will approach the majority of models of the membrane - vacuum press. The use of this manipulator is effective on production of stream type, at production of the doors, the table-tops, the facades and the other details. The manipulator will allow to increase the productivity of the equipment, without the increase in staff, which serves the line of pressing. The manipulator comes back to a starting position in the automatic mode after unloading of details from a working surface of a press, then it is possible to make the finishing trim of details directly on the manipulator. The full cycle of the loading or the unloading of details in the automatic mode will make about 1 minute. While the worker cuts the details on the manipulator, other worker can make the loading of a desktop of a press. The manipulator has the moved pillows that will allow to work with facades of the small sizes.
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