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Vacuum presses Master Composite S


  • Length 8620 mm.
  • Width 4300 mm.
  • The height of 3300 mm.
  • Weight 2000 kg.
  • The size of the desktop:
  • Length 8400 mm
  • The width of 2710 mm.
  • The rubber membrane is 1 mm.
  • The rise of the frame - automatic
  • Vacuum station - 105 m3/h.
  • Power vacuum station - 1.5 kW
  • The pressure - 0,95 kg/cm2
  • The winch power - 1.3 kW
  • Peak power - 2.8 kW
  • Power consumption - 1.5 kW/h.


Membrane vacuum press Master Composite S suitable for bonding composite sandwich panels used for the production of car vans. Membrane vacuum press has a rigid bent - welded construction, mounted on eight steel adjustable supports. The membrane is fixed on the lifting frame, made of aluminum profile in the form of a farm that is installed on the external loops. This design feature allows the operator Membrane - vacuum press to produce work from the four sides of the equipment. Membrane vacuum press is equipped with a special lifting mechanism with winch, to ensure safe and reliable operation. Membrane vacuum press is equipped with reliable, high-performance vacuum pump series Mink MM1102BV, from German manufacturer Busch. Membrane vacuum press is operated via a handy remote control by one operator. Remote equipped with a timer with ability to set desired modes for bonding workpieces. At customer membrane vacuum press can be made of any size, taking into account the features of the products.
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