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Question:  What vacuum stations are used on the press of the Master Pro series?

Answer: The plate - rotor vacuum pumps of oil type are established on the membrane - vacuum press of the Master Pro series. The pumps of Tepro firm are used on the Master Lite, Medium and Profi model. These pumps have a productivity of 63 cubic meters an hour, the pump Busch is used on the Master Compact model , it has a productivity of 40 cubic meter an hour.


Question:   Is it possible to use the press of this series for a covering of details with the veneer sheets?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. The press of Master is completed with a high-strength, heat-resistant silicone membrane of 2 mm thickness, it allows to cover preparations of details with the veneer sheets. In this complete set the clamping frame of a desktop is equipped with fastenings for a membrane, and the membrane is equipped with the reciprocal part of this fastening.


Question:  What material is the press desktop made, and what is the sizes of a working surface of a table?

Answer: The whole aluminum sheets are used for production of desktops of membrane - vacuum press of the Master Pro series. The 8 mm thickness sheets are used for Master Lite, Medium and Profi, and the 6 mm thickness sheets are used for Master Compact. The size of an effective working zone can be or 2500 x 1250 mm or 2750 x 1250 mm.


Question:  What type of heating is used in the press of the Master Pro series?

Answer: The Quartz Halogen Thermo - emitters (QHT) are used in the press of the Master Pro series. This type of heating allows to maintain the more exact temperature in a chamber, to heat a surface of a film evenly. This type of heating uses the electric power economically, because it is disconnected to the end of a cycle of pressing. The press is equipped with the power regulator which allows to start and regulate the power of thermo-emitters; it allows to use two temperature conditions in one cycle of pressing. This type of pressing allows to cover the laminated facades without injury of the laminated layer or drilling of additive openings. Also the regulator of power prolongs the service life of thermo- emitters.


Question:  What is the term of production and is the delivery to regions possible ?

Answer: The term of production of press of the Master Pro series is from 2 weeks to 1, 5 months. It depends on the press model. The delivery is possible to any region of Russia and the neighboring countries. The delivery is carried out by the transport company or the transport companies with which the Master Company works.


Question:  What is "The draping table?"

Answer: The draping table (a lifting table) is needed for production of the bent-glued facades. The table is equipped with pneumatic system of rising of a table-top. When a film is laying on a table, the table-top with a facade falls down, it allows to record a film in a sealing contour without effort. After the film heats up and becomes elastic, the table-top rises and the vacuum process begins. This process allows to reach a quality covering of the radial facades, it reduce the time of a cycle of pressing and an expense of a film.


Question:  Is it possible to buy the Master Lite press with one table, and then to buy the second and the third tables?

Answer: Yes, it is possible. It will be necessary that the expert visits you for installation of the second or the third tables, for replacement of conducting, a reinsertion of the PLC controller and the display (if it is established) and work control. In this case it will be more expensive, than to buy a press of the Medium models (2 tables) or Profi ones(3 tables).


Question:  Is it possible to install a press by own efforts? Will the warranty safe?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to install by own efforts, in this case the warranty safes. The Installation must be carried out by qualified specialists, under the passport, the instructions of installation and operation of this model of a press.


Question:  Why is the furnace for an acrylic stone necessary?

Answer: The furnaces for an acrylic stone use for heating of an artificial stone, then it is possible to give a stone any shape. It will allow you to make things of an artificial stone, which can't be made of other materials. The chamber heating allows to warm the whole half-finished product.


Question:  What temperature does the membrane stand up?

Answer: The standard membrane can heat up to 70 °C, however our special silicone membrane stands up temperature range: from -70 °C to +200 °C


Question:  What is the difference between the thermo-press of the MASTER series and other ones?

Answer: The thermopress of the MASTER series is notable of the high reliability, the improved operational characteristics and the increased warranty periods.


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