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The main activity of the company MASTER is production of equipment for woodworking industry.
The production area is located on one of the Moscow machine-building factories, workshop is equipped with modern metalworking equipment. This allows us to produce the high quality products, which meet international standards.

The main potential of the company is highly qualified staff, it is the reputation and the vitality of our company. For many years it was done a modern production base and it was stored the unique experience in sphere of technologies of vacuum-forming equipment. The potential and production capacities of our company make high quality products, which meet the needs of our clients . For 12 years the company is a leader in production of membrane-vacuum presses .

Clients of our company are hundreds of Russian and foreign enterprises, furniture factories. The manufactured equipment of our company has established itself as a high quality, solid and it meet modern standards. The products of our company is the result of joint efforts of our team. Our main aim is longing for quality and our company increase the functionality of our equipment.
If you adress to company “MASTER” You entrust the experts, who knows and loves their job.
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